Our three swimming pools cater for all people. A half Olympic size swimming pool is a refreshing cool treat. Two other swimming pools favor children, non-swimmers and trainee swimmers. Our pools are well treated, clean and surrounded by a nice garden with sufficient shades for food service. A team of our professionally trained and courteous pool attendants and life guards will always make your swimming experience safe and memorable.

The three pools are as follows

  1. Half Olympic size swimming pool for experienced swimmers. It measures 25 M by 12 M. The deep end is 7.5 feet and shallow end is 4 feet.
  2. Non swimmers pool. This is ideal for beginners and non swimmers. it measures 20 M by 10 M. The deep end is 4 feet and shallow end is 3 feet.
  3. Baby pool. Solely for children under seven years. it measures 10 M by 10 M and has a depth of 3 feet.

Other activities include:

  • Swimming gala competition.
  • Water sports.
  • Water aerobics.
  • Swimming lessons.
  • Dinner by the swimming pool.
  • Wedding by the swimming pool.
  • Baptism @ 100 per person.

Swimming packageĀ 

Package 1:

Swimming and Use of grounds

French Fries, Sausage, Soda and Salad. Kshs 600.00 Per Person

Package 2: Snacket

Swimming and use of grounds

Chicken Drumstick, French Fries, Soda and Salad Kshs 700.00

Package 3:

Swimming and Use of grounds

French Fries, Chicken, Soda and salad. Kshs 900.00 Per Person

Package 4: Full Lunch

Swimming and Use of grounds

Buffet Lunch with a soft drink Kshs 1,450.00 Per Person

Package 4: Full Day Conference Package

Morning and afternoon tea with variety of snacks

Buffet lunch with a soft drink

Use of grounds and swimming pool

Use of conference facilities with stationary and drinking water Kshs 2,400.00